Reasons to partner with Work International


Why you should partner with us
Do you find it difficult to find the right expertise? Work International is the right recruitment service provider for your company. We qualify and match the right candidate to the right position.
Today we recruit 30+ languages, working with 13 different clients and sending around 250 fully pre-screened candidates per month.
Our proven track record in delivering high-quality candidates coupled with guaranteed service levels means you can trust that we will meet your expectations.
You can be fully assured we are focused on long-term results.


Close relationship to client
For us, it is important to have close contact and relations with our clients and candidates where we help them throughout the recruitment processes. Our clients we have today we have had collaborations with for 2.5 years. We are looking to create long relationships.


We work as a team

What we focus on with our team has been with the engagement to create individualized career paths, supporting personal progression.
Great communication is highly important in our unique combination of physical, remote, and virtual teams. The ability to communicate ideas clearly and honestly, respecting the views of other team members.

We are helpful. We are respectful. We are a team.


Global reach
We have high-quality candidates from all over the world in all different sectors. Having the option of choosing from a wider talent pool, clearly means that there will be a greater chance of you getting the right candidate. A candidate that fits your needs and the company culture.


As a private member of the Swedish EURES network, we can help with recruitment services throughout Europe. Together with 1300 EURES colleagues, we can provide information from each unique Member State. We can arrange job fairs and give a stamp of quality on each unique recruitment project.


We offer our services at reasonable prices.


If the result is important – contact us today.