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92 000 candidates looking to relocate. We qualify and match the right candidate to the right position. Do you find it difficult to find the right expertise locally, then Work International is the right recruitment service provider for your company.


Benefit 1

Efficiency through social media

With customized social media recruitment campaigns and Google, you can reach your future candidates directly through their own feeds wherever they are in the world. We tailor your campaign by personifying you as an employer, clarifying the advertised position and fine-tuning the target audience.

Benefit 2

92,000 candidates in our network

Based on our database of 92,000 International candidates and incoming via our social media sources, we have the new team member you are looking for. Our multilingual recruitment team qualifies and inform each candidate. We can reach up to 2 million potential candidates.

Benefit 3

The WI network

As part of our complete International recruitment service, each campaign is featured on the Work International networks international job boards and with employment services across Europe. Including relocation services, Virtual job fairs, physical job fairs in every EU member state. Your recruitment project gets both exposures on social media and spread by 1300 members of the network.


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Our goal is to recruit 5 candidates a day. Our adverts are shown on social media every day. Every day, our recruiters create new contacts and our international candidate pool grows.


of our campaigns are visible on social media


of our candidates come via social media


of our campaigns are visible on job boards


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Contact one of our recruiters

Emma Larsson
Emma Larsson Senior recruiter
For me, it's important that you feel safe and secure about your application - and that's why I'm here to help YOU. I will meet you where you are now and help you with your dream of working abroad. Please don't hesitate to contact me!

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Ola Söderlind
Ola Söderlind Senior Recruiter
My goal is to help you throughout the recruitment process, from CV to interview, and find the right position for you. I always aim to change your life, the best way I can! A new climate, new faces, new scents and a new language. It's no more than you deserve!

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Jamin Kinnunen
Jamin Kinnunen Country manager Finland/Recruiter
With your experiences as my toolbox, I want to help you to a new exciting job. I help you meet new cultures and find new career opportunities. That you succeed with what you strive for is my wish. Please contact us if you are ready to take the step.

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